A Leader learns through engagement and acquisition of insights and experiences with her/his peers. The final part of the learning journey is a full-day that highlights the different faces of leadership.
You will have the opportunity to share leadership challenges and business contexts among peers and top-level invited leaders.

The experiences that will be presented and shared throughout the day should help instill and spark personal reflection of leadership styles, best-practices, and future actions. Each experience centers on different challenges of leadership. The sum of all experiences leads to a broader definition of leadership.

Leading Selflessly

Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo

In the military, they give medals to people who sacrifice themselves so that others may gain.” “In business, they give bonuses to people who sacrifice others so that they may gain.” -Simon Sinek It’s not that people in the military are inherently better than those in business-it’s just a different environment. And it’s one that values trust and cooperation. The military sacrifices numbers for people. Consequently, people will sacrifice for the organization. This is the foundation of the circle of trust. The military call them leaders because they go first, because they take the risk before anybody else does, because they will choose to sacrifice so their people will be safe and protected. Taught to lead by example, leaders inspire their soldiers to perform deeds of heroism and sacrifice, which often requires suppression of natural feelings such as fear. Leaders do not encourage their soldiers by saying, “onward,” but rather, “follow me”.

Leading Collectively

Sculptor Sérgio Vicente

Leading collectively is a paradigm shift in how individuals find their leadership roles in a spirit of collaborative co-creation and contribution to the common good. Collaborations among artists pool the best ideas, thoughts, and skills. As such, collaborative projects in art create greater impact and produce exceptional projects. In this session, challenge yourself and co-create with your fellow peers. This session will help you become more outcome-oriented and focused on constructive co-creation-for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Leading Creatively

Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa

Planning only gets you so far – and so much information. The need to experiment and listen, versus planning and reacting, is vital. The worst place to design a product is in an office. Today any organization needs to be customer-focused and willing to try (and fail) in order to find new ways to deliver value. To be on the leading edge in the market, organizations have no choice but to be innovative-and that requires leaders at every level who can create a culture of inspired innovation and guide people through the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions. As such, the ability to reinvent the ways a company delivers value and reconfigure the base of its essential to survival and success. People-management fundamentals produce the building blocks of an innovative organization. Leaders need to learn how to tap into the creativity of their team members and unlock discretionary thinking and ingenuity that will benefit the team and organization.